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This Lightning Ridge semi black opal is probably one of my favorite stones that I have cut to date and every time I look at it I am tempted to make it into a piece of jewelry for myself.  It has that very desirable full spectrum range of color that everyone wants, as well as some of the most fun play of color that you can find.  When people look at this stone they can’t stop moving it and watching while every color of the rainbow take turns jumping over and replacing the color from before.  It’s like all the colors are fighting for a position on top.  This opal is a nondirectional stone that looks at you with bright colors from every angle, and would be a real eye catcher in any setting but I personally think that because of the movement of a hand the color play would favor a ring.

Semi Black Opal

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    Country Of Origin Australia
    Region Lightning Ridge
    Carat Size 2.23
    Color Red, Multi
    Dome Medium, High
    Brightness B3-B4
    Pattern Rolling Exploding Flash Pattern
    Body Tone N6
    Hardness 5.5-6.5
    Measurement 10.1mm/8.3mm/3.65mm
    Calibrated No but it will fit in some settings easily with slight modifications
    Inclusions No 
    Treatments No
    Shape Oval, Cabochon
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