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Caring For Your Opal

  • Wear it often; opals benefit greatly from skin contact, as the natural oils in your flesh keep the opal moist and lustrous. Contrary to popular belief, true Australian opal is not porous and will not absorb contamination from perspiration or other bodily moisture.

  • Do not wash dishes, clothes or other items with it on. An opal contains water, and the harsh detergents in dish or laundry soaps can dry out the stone and render it dull.

  • Do not wear it in any type of hot tub, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, bath tub or shower. Prolonged submersion in water can heavily damage or destroy your opal.

  • Do not garden with it on. Prolonged contact with the soil can abrade the surface of your stone.

  • Do not clean your opal jewelry with any kind of ultrasonic device. Use plain water and a good, non-abrasive hand or facial soap.

  • Do not store your opal in oil or glycerin.


opals on dop sticks

Opals on dob sticks.

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