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This semi black opal is on the smaller side but has a nice blocky Flagstone pattern.  It displays the highly sought after Red, Blue color combination that contrasts so well together.  This stone would make either a nice prong set single earing; it could be used in a multi stone pendent, or I think it would look nice with a custom bezel setting in a men’s ring.

Semi Black Opal

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    Country Of Origin Australia
    Region Lightning Ridge
    Carat Size .84
    Color Red, Blue, Multi
    Dome Low
    Brightness B3
    Pattern Flagstone
    Body Tone N5 but almost a blackk opal
    Hardness 5.5-6.5
    Measurement 6.95mm/6.89mm/5.87mm/2.68mm think
    Calibrated No but most triangle stones can be a match to a stock trillion prong seeting with little to no modification
    Inclusions No but it has a small dip in the edge that is polished and can be hidden by a prong
    Treatments No
    Shape Freeform, Triangle, Cabochon
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