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A nice Lightning Ridge Black Opal with Emerald greens, Ruby reds, Sunstone oranges, and bright gold.  This stone is a bit directional as the different colors move across it and continually replace each other from one rich flash to the next, no pastel colors here.  This black opal would be well suited for a wide shaped ring, or a pendant.

Black Opal

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    Country Of Origin Australia
    Region Lightning Ridge
    Carat Size 3.3
    Color Red, Green, Orange, Gold
    Dome Low, Medium
    Brightness B3
    Pattern Blocky Flagstone
    Body Tone N4
    Hardness 5.5-6.5
    Measurement 14.25mm/8mm/4.25mm
    Calibrated Yes it will fit a standard prong setting for a pendant or ring with little modification
    Inclusions No 
    Treatments No
    Shape Oval,  Cabochon
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