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This Lightning Ridge black opal is on the large side.  The blue color is a little bit dull but still looks very nice in the daylight.  This is a good stone for someone who wants a large black opal with blue color and for well under a hundred dollars a ct, it’s easy to get something nice made on a budget.  As a large black opal I feel that this stone will best suite a pendent, broach, or bracelet.

Black Opal

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    Country Of Origin Australia
    Region Lightning Ridge
    Carat Size 5.65
    Color Blue, Purple
    Dome Medium
    Brightness B2
    Pattern Flashfire
    Body Tone N4
    Hardness 5.5-6.5
    Measurement 14.7mm/10.7mm/5.75mm
    Calibrated  No but could work in some settings
    Inclusions Yes a slight cloud
    Treatments No
    Shape Oval, Cabochan
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