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This is a set of nice Lightning Ridge black opals.  They were cut from the same nobie and have a matching blue rolling flash.  These stones can be made into one piece of jewelry like a belly ring or pendent or into a matching set like a pendent and a ring.

Black Opal Set

  • Country Of Origin  Australia
    Region Lightning Ridge
    Carat Size .77-1.05
    Color Blue
    Dome Low
    Brightness B3
    Pattern Rolling Flash 
    Body Tone N3
    Hardness 5.5-6.5
    Measurement 7mm/4.64mm/3.24mm-5.85mm round/4.4mm
    Calibrated no
    Inclusions yes on the side of the round stone it will be covered by the prong or bezzel
    Treatment no
    Shape Round- Drop, Cab
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