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This is a nice stone for those looking for that classic Australian white opal but want something even more durable than what is available from Coober Pedy.  With each flake of color in this stone showing the desirable full color spectrum it's like a bunch of small rainbows overlapping each other, and could be used in a ring or a pendent.   Mintabie opal is substantially harder than all other opal in the world other than the material that comes out of Brazil.  It is as hard or harder than most other commonly worn gemstones and is perfect for someone who is worried about whether or not they should wear their opal every day.

White/Light Opal

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    Country of Origin Australia
    Region Mintabie
    Carat Size Approx 3.45
    Color Full Specturm Mulitcolor
    Dome Medium to Low
    Brightness B3
    Pattern Flashfire
    Body Tone Milky
    Hardness 7.5-8.5
    Measurement 12.92mm/11.05mm/3.71mm
    Calibrated No
    Inclusions No
    Treatment Natural
    Shape Freeform, Triangle, Drop Cabochon


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